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Presentations 2018-19

5/13/19WRSD, MA
4/4/19Medfield DLD day, MA
3/29/19The Education Cooperative, Edulastic and Student Data Privacy
7/25/18BLC conference, Boston
7/24/18Google Certified Trainer Welcome -GHO on air
6/26/18ISTE, Google Theater on Jamboard
4/27/18Tech & Learning Live Boston
4/10/18Medfield DLD day, MA

Presentations 2016-17

12/2/17Hopkinton, MA
MA EdTechTeam Summit
12/2-12/16/17Havard University TEP teachers Gsuite training
10/25/17Masscue, Google Expeditons
10/17/17Noble and Greenough, MA
9/26/17Google Certified Trainer Live Hangout (on-boarding)
8/28/17Noble and Greenough School, MA Breakoutedu
8/2/17WDC Google Innovator Camp (coach)
7/25/17Charleston,SC EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
7/20/17Naperville, IL EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
7/12/17Great Plains (GPS) Conference Lincoln, NE
5/12/17Tech & Learning Live
Breakoutedu Presentation
5/1/17Train Harvard University TEP students on Gsuite
11/11/16Newport News, VA Custom PD EdTechTeam
10/29/16Kansas City, MO EdTechTeam (Keynote)
10/20/16MassCUE presenter
10/3/16Manchester, CT EdTechTeam (Keynote)
8/24/16Bellingham, MA Google Leaders Workshop
8/23/16BMRSD, MA Google Leaders workshop
8/16/16Newport News, VA Custom Edtechteam Workshops
8/8/16Pulaski, AR Custom Summit, EdTechTeam
8/3/16Naperville, IL EdTechTeam GAFE Summit (Keynote)
7/27/16North Charleston, SC EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
6/29/16ISTE Denver, CO
Presented for ISTE and Google
6/22/16Texas Pandhandle Summit: Canyon, TX EdtechTeam GAFE Summit
5/21/16Guilderland, NY EdTechTeam GAFE Summit (Capital Region)
5/9/16Kitchener, Ontario
EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
4/13/16Saar, Bahrain EdTechTeam GAFE Summit (Keynote)
3/12/16Burlington, MA
EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
3/5/16Oxon Hill, MD EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
2/6/16Roseville, CA EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
1/23/16Napa, CA EdTechTeam GAFE Summit

Presentations 2014-15

11/20/15Cincinatti,OH EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
10/24/15Tulsa, OK EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
10/17/15San Diego, CA EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
9/25/15Bakersfield, CA EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
8/25/15Blackstone Millville Regional District, MA
7/22/15Deep Learning Conference @ Regis College MA
7/14/15Riverside, CA EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
7/6/15Adobe Training @ Hopkinton, MA
6/29/15GAFE Hopkinton, MA
6/24/15Blackstone Millville Regional District, MA
4/10/15Franklin, IN EdTechTEam GAFE Summit
3/13/15New England EdTechTeam GAFE Summit
10/20/14Natick Blended Learning, MA
8/19/14Tri-county Schools, MA
8/12/14Tri-County Schools, MA
8/5/14Hopkinton, MA
6/23/14Franklin Public Schools, MA